BestRx’s software solutions may help you transition to an electronic signature capture for pharmacies paperless workflow. This alternative is better for the environment, but it also helps you get more done in less time throughout your typical days. The following are some of our valuable goods that make accomplishing this objective simpler for you.

Electronic Signature Capture

Using an e – signature pad simplifies collecting signatures as simple and reliable. In addition to this, it logs the date and time that the signature was obtained, which makes inspections, reporting, & verification far simpler. Personalize your signature pad by adding your company’s logo and other promotional details.

Personalize your signature pad by adding your company’s logo and other promotional details. Signatures include:

electronic signature capture for pharmacies

Credit Card for Prescriptions Issued by PSE

Electronic Faxing

Our e-fax solution does away with printouts and landlines requirements, making it user-friendly, dependable, and economical. To receive prescription messages and make informed consent requests, you can send electronic faxes straight from BestRx. This is a simple and convenient feature. Your peace of mind may rest easy knowing that your health information is protected to the fullest extent possible by HIPPA-compliance.

Electronic Prescribing

Transfer and get precise information about prescriptions. Through its partnership with the Surescripts program, BestRx makes it possible for your pharmacy to get prescriptions instantly. There will be no digging through documents or maintaining records by hand. This not only improves workflow but also saves time. The EPCS has approved BestRx for the dispensing of restricted medications.

Explore all of the items we provide to understand better the impact that BestRx can create for your pharmacy. Visit to set up a demonstration.

BestRx is more than simply a pharmacy management and point-of-sale solution. Electronic faxes by BestRx eliminate the need for extra printouts and landlines by allowing you to send faxes immediately from your computer or mobile device. Medical doctors and pharmacists may communicate using this simple and inexpensive device. There are various benefits to sending faxes electronically instead of through traditional means.

There is no need to consume valuable resources or generate trash since this tool is paperless. You will get alerts on your screen when you receive new faxes. There is little training necessary. This technology is simple to use and does not need much training. Stored faxes: Any document saved in this system may be delivered instantly as electronic fax without scanning. Traditional fax machines use costly landlines.