The South Indian film industry is boosting the movie business post the Covid-19 crisis. So much so that the collections of South Indian movies are now closely monitored by leading Bollywood producers. The way the Telugu and Kannada film industries have performed has forced everyone to sit up and take notice. One of the reasons for South Indian films succeeding is their new subject. South Indian movies and comedy web series online offer audiences a storyline and treatment they have never experienced before. It guarantees them a broad reach and tremendous success.

Many experts believe that the South Indian film industry is now way ahead of Bollywood. The sector has shown remarkable courage post the pandemic with Pan India releases and has set the cash counters ringing.

The Telugu film industry, especially, has flourished the most after the resumption post-Covid-19. The most significant number of cinema halls down South are in Telugu-speaking states like Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Moreover, the Telugu audience is loyal towards their favourite stars and spare no chance of thronging cinema halls. The aggressive marketing and promotion strategies have also helped the South Indian film industry gain a strong foothold in its Hindi-speaking belts.

Moreover, South Indian superstars have resorted to promoting their movies online weeks ahead of their release because of the inability to move around owing to the Covid-19 restrictions.

The phenomenal success of recent South Indian films has caused a flutter in the mighty Bollywood corridors, with many producers expressing their interest in watching these movies. The English subtitles let people from other parts of the country enjoy these movies as well. With a host of other big-budget films scheduled for release soon, the South Indian film industry’s mood is vibrant and joyful as of now.

Today’s review section features the Telugu web series Commitment.

The Storyline

Commitment’s story is about Phani (UdbhavRaghunandan), who, after returning from the US, reaches his girlfriend Anu’s (Punarnavi) house to propose to her for marriage. Anu, afraid of committing, reluctantly says yes. As Phani gets more and more possessive, Anu decides not to marry him. Commitment’s remaining story is about how a couple, poles apart, end up together by resolving their differences.

Direction and Artwork

The director PawanSadineni, along with his team, has nicely showcased the urban side of Hyderabad. He has kept things impressive with a breezy narration. The camerawork, production values, and art direction all are pretty good and help elevate the proceedings.


However, it is UdbhavRaghunandan as Chicago Subbarao, a YouTuber who is the show-stealer. He is perfect in a loud person’s role and has done a commendable job to make proceedings enjoyable. His on-screen chemistry with the leading lady, Punarnavi, is also good. Punarnavi, in her meaty role, looks relaxed and comfortable, even though the taut scenes with Phani. The emotional angles showcased in the series have been handled well.

All-in-all, Commitment is a light-hearted, sweet, and breezy romantic comedy that deserves to be watched.

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