Using dry herbs for smoking is a very convenient option for relaxing and chilling out, but generally, smokers face the problem of herbs being burnt out more than required because of the imbalance of heat. Over-burned herbs do not have the same aroma and flavor as correctly burned herbs. Therefore, the right degree of heat is necessary for the herbs to smudge, not burn completely. Using glass and hand pipes is an instrument that can quickly solve this problem. There are many kinds of dry herb smokers available in the market, out of which glass pipes are the most suitable ones offering the right amount of heat and smoke.

The versatile way to smoke

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Glass pipes are the most comfortable way of using dry herbs to smoke; they do not require any additional instrument other than more alight to light the herbs. You can carry them anywhere in your pockets as they are pocket size and easy to carry. You can browse through our section of glass pipes and find yourself the best match. Check the exclusive collection of pipes from ceramics to glass collection. These smoke chambers are designed scientifically using the studied technique to give you the best experience and relaxation. The pipes come in various shapes, all being convenient and trendy:

  • Spoon pipes are shaped into spoons and are the most popular choice among smokers.
  • Steamroller- these pipes are the most traditional form of hand pipes. It has a sizeable front-facing cab roll, unlike the one on the spoon. The large roll allows massive material to be smoked using the minimum herb. One can learn to regulate the area of carb for the necessary exit of smoke as per requirement.
  • Sherlock- the rollers are named after the famous detective, Sherlock Holme. The long vertical handle makes it fun to hold that can be added to the unique collection of pipes you own. Some of these pipes also come with a flat base that can be used to place them on a flat surface.
  • Chillum- these are the small hand pipes. They do not have any carb holes and can be lit from the front. Chillum can be easily carried to any place and is convenient for new smokers.

Why us?

The market is floated with a wide variety of hand pipes. But the hand pipes that we offer are the best in the range of price and quality. Our glass is durable and non-shattering in nature. It can withstand heat for an extended period, and its luster doesn’t wear off. Please browse our site online to find your best match