One of the most anticipated days of your life is about to arrive and since we have the certainty that you want it to be a perfect moment all the time and in all aspects. The idea of ​​creating a dream wedding is to generate experiences for guests and those who are part of it, so you should take into account the following aspects so you can have an unforgettable wedding celebration. Visit this site to read articles on Wedding.

Pamper yourself with the season of the year in which you get married

Create your own environment with the month in which you get married. This means that if the chosen season is the summer, you can be inspired by summer details such as warm colors, palm trees, seasonal flowers …Click here to read articles on Wedding.

The seats

Make sure your guests are comfortable. To do this, choose comfortable seating for the treat. Remember that at your wedding there are probably people of all ages who are not too comfortable if, for example, you are given stools. In addition, you can include hammocks. So you will continue to put the summer touch to your wedding.

Interact with your guests

Either directly or indirectly. You can make games in which everyone participates or, much more emotionally, ask them to read a piece of your favorite poem. This would be the direct way. As for the hint, it is a good idea to let the guests serve their drink alone. Surely, in addition to keeping them happy, avoid endless queues to make your wedding memorable.

wedding memorableAccessories for guests

It is super trendy. Don’t you want your guests to be sore from their feet within two minutes of starting the party? Provide comfortable shoes so they can change and dance until the sun rises. Is your wedding at five in the afternoon in the middle of August? Give fans and bottles of water so they can better withstand the heat.

Presentation of dishes

When selecting the banker take into account the presentation of each of your times or dishes, as this generates a better experience for diners. Be sure to see the coolest dishes of the moment to serve at your wedding.

Presentation of bar

In addition to food, the presentation of drinks is also important. This point is hardly taken into account and remember that this trend is growing more and more. The decoration and mixology must be consistent with the theme of the wedding

Architectural lighting

Lighting is a fundamental part of the decoration and clothing of the place, you can create a warm and cozy atmosphere using this element, of course, without saturating your spaces.

And, of course, have fun

Do not forget that it is your partner’s day and you, so, most important of all, is that you are happy. This will make the rest of the guests automatically enjoy. Then you can have a memorable wedding.