Marijuana has been restricted as a Schedule 1 drug (illegal for medical use and with lack of safety) but, if you live in a place where it is allowed by law, there are specific ways to ensure that you take the benefits of it. If marijuana was legal, everyone would grow their own plants and sell them like they sell vegetables and fruits. But since this is not possible, we should try and make the best out of what’s available.


The first thing most people think about buying weed online is the legality of it all. I have already said that mail order marijuana is 100% legal so let me tell you why most people can’t buy weed online even if they are technically allowed to do so. Buying weed online is not illegal because it is your personal stash of weed for medical use. You might get in trouble buying weed online because of the prevailing laws that prohibit purchase of any product that has ‘cannabis’ listed on the label (which will essentially mean all products with CBD oil, hemp oil or whatnot).

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If you want to buy “marijuana” then you need to find out the legal status of that city/state/country. There are a number of states where marijuana has been legalized while there are also countries that have no laws against using marijuana. Once this basic thing is figured out, it becomes much easier to buy weed online without getting into trouble. Remember one thing though: although buying online may be completely legal but buying too much of it can lead to trouble.


Just like any other plant, weed also has many different kinds and the website you are buying from should know what variety they sell. If they don’t even know the difference between their different varieties, there is a good chance that the weed will not be anything close to what you might expect. What’s more important is that if you suffer from a specific ailment or want a specific strain for a reason then make sure your supplier knows about it! If possible, ask them to send samples before placing an order. This way you can check how good their weed really is. Many online stores sell marijuana seeds, which means you can grow your plants at home if you live in a place where growing marijuana is legal!