Rats and mice are not only a nuisance, but they may also cause property damage and spread diseases that are harmful to people’s health. You see  droppings or shredded cloth or paper near a food source you know they’ve come. There are numerous actions to take if you find rogue rodents. Trapping or poisoning  мишки will not prevent them from returning to your property in the future.

Identification and inspection

The inspection of probable mice activity is a crucial initial step in getting rid of mice. Proper placement of mice traps and rodent baits is necessary to locate their runways and eating locations. Check at dusk option. To look into corners and a flashlight might be helpful for мишки . Look for gnawing damage, rodent footprints, mouse droppings, live or dead mice, urine stains, and grease stains. When mice enter an area, your pet may become agitated or excited is another clue of likely mouse activity.

Remove all food sources from the outdoors.

Rodents are attracted to gardens and fruit trees. Pick up fallen fruit from your trees regularly if you have them. To avoid rodent hiding spots, keep the tree trimmed. To make a rat guard, wrap a 2-foot long piece of sheet metal around the trunk of your tree. Remove any rotten food or hiding places from your garden. Plant members of the mint family in and around your garden to discourage pests. You can use predator urine (such as fox) as a deterrent by sprinkling it at the perimeter of your garden. It is typically available in powder and liquid form at your local garden store.

пръскане против хлебарки


In addition to mice baits or traps, removing the mice’s food sources is necessary for a successful mouse control treatment plan. Both human and pet food consume mice. Remove any food sources that mice have access to if at all possible. To survive, mice require food as well as shelter. Remove their food source and, if possible, reduce their cover to improve a successful baiting or trapping treatment plan. Put any exposed food (including pet food) in a container closes tightly. Food particles kept off kitchen floors, sinks, and counters times.


The most effective and long-lasting method of mouse control in the home is exclusion. It entails securing all potential entry places for mice. Remove any gaps or apertures larger than 1/4 inch from the entrance. Sealing cracks in building foundations and surrounding apertures for water pipes, vents, and utility wires with metal or concrete are examples of permanent or long-lasting remedies.